Episode 10 - Jonathan Moody. The business journey.

April 13, 2021 Myotherapy Association Australia Season 1 Episode 10
Episode 10 - Jonathan Moody. The business journey.
Show Notes

Jonathan Moody is an experienced owner, investor, practitioner and educator of Allied Health businesses, learning many lessons from both his successes and failures in the health space.

As the strategic leader at Physio lnq, Jonathan is big on collaboration, through empowering staff to chase their passion and use Physio Inq as a vehicle to do it.

Established in 2006, originally limited to the Western Suburbs of Sydney, Physio Inq is now going Australia wide with its new unique & innovating franchising opportunities and mobile services. Physio Inq is on a mission; push Physiotherapy services and Allied Health Care in a new direction and recreate the client experience. 

Join our host Tessa Verrier as she explores the journey that has been Physio Inq, understand the business model, the challenges and wins and where Jonathan sees myotherapy, alongside other allied health services, in the years to come.

Because 'being busy doesn't always mean being effective'. J.Moody

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